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It was advertised and praised as a monster film that does not care too much about monsters, and that’s true. The creatures from outer space form a perilous setting that is not much different from other perils you would experience (or at least believe to experience) when traveling without passport and money through central America. Occasionally somebody gets killed, occasionally there are scenes of stunning beauty, when the landscape is allowed to play into foreground. In the effort to travel from the unpleasant Southern border of an alien-infected zone to the safe Northern end, it is a straightforward road (or jungle path) movie, pleasantly unexcited about the fact it is alien creatures instead of drug lords that are lurking in the jungle.

Andrew and Sam develop their relationship, as they should, and they kind of make it through, as you would expect. And they learn something on the way, and will go back to their previous lives, but changed. Or will they? Not a spectacular film, but a small low-budget road movie with nice lead characters and some very charming side characters – honorable mention to the creatures in the final scene – love is all around us!

Monsters Movie Reviews, Pictures – Rotten Tomatoes.

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