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I do have a soft spot for John Carpenter movies, a very soft one. And I find it stunning how utterly re-watchable his films are. “They Live” I probably watched half a dozen times, and it’s still fun, even though it is utterly stupid and silly. And now there is a shot-by-shot analysis. Go for it! 


“They Live”: Jonathan Lethem explains a cult classic – Slide Shows –


  1. Great stuff. This is one of Carpenter’s more underappreciated films. I’ve alwaya enjoyed it and it’s interesting to read about the film in such depth. Thanks for the link.

  2. I just remember that I had watched it again not so long ago in my desperate effort of a John-Carpenter-Marathon: Feel like watching it again – and all those Carpenter movies that I have not seen since they originally came out. Big Trouble in Little China! I am already shivering with childish anticipation, even though I only remember some dragon thing.

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