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A story that I was familiar with in principle, but without any detail: the documentary explains some background on Jim Jones’ career as preacher and leader of the Peoples Temple “cult”, or “religion”, or “sect” or whatever it was, culminating in the giant mass suicide (and murders) that took place in the Guayana settlement in 1978. More than 900 people died, whole families were erased, very few survivors made it out by way of escape or coincidence. A cult of sexual and personal dominance, a leader that – at least in the earlier years – seems to have had an immense capability to charm his counterparts in politics and culture. Religious fanatics are always hard to understand for me, I cannot see how anything or anybody could earn my unconditional devotion the way this happened in Jonestown. Seeing it happening is then not only terrifying, but also utmost bewildering. Follow somebody into oblivion who claims that all people on the planet except himself are gay?

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