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I remember that the second part of the Millenium trilogy left me rather distanced ( The story less clear cut compared to the first one, some people seem to be waiting for something bigger to happen in part 3. Now in part 3, indeed things happen, but again, it is not as big a deal as it is in the first part. Again, it is hard to recollect what actually happened, but one thing that did happen is revenge, with Lisbeth steering things from her hospital bed, a government group trying to wangle their way out of trouble, a biker gang that has a row with Lisbeth’s step-brother, and our hero Mikael who looks as wrinkly as ever and seeks to expose a lot of conspiracy while Lisbeth tries to avoid being sent back to the mental hospital where she had spent some years as a kid already, being exposed to cruel Dr Teleborian. Contrary to my earlier posting about part 2, I now believe there is a case for remaking the film with a bit more ambition. It has a rather television-like look to it at times, and not in a good way. Production looks a bit sloppy and bleak, but if the bleakness is intended, they should have spent some more effort into making it look bleak in an expensive way. A decent thriller trilogy altogether, but shows that it could have been much better. The density and quality of part 1 was never reached again.

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  1. The first one had a different director than the other two, and I really felt the difference. #2 and #3 were rather a let-down, though they have good points.

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