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I observed that there was plenty of talk about the show for a while, but only when Denis Lehane on a talk show praised The Walking Dead as e of the best shows currently on, I decided to check out what t is with these zombies in a tv show serial format. The short show (six episodes in the first season) reminded me strongly of Jericho and some other shows that played with life in a post-apocalyptic setting. The threat out there is not really imminent, the zombies are not too quick, so a bit of vigilance gets you a long way. That means that social relations, leadership issues can become more important than in situation where everything is only about mere survival. The production designers and make up people are clearly having a blast chopping heads off, impaling zombies, turning human beings into goo, sawing off limbs and what other pleasures are available. We will see how long that pleasure lasts – I am not familiar with the source material nor do I know whether they want to follow the books closely. But I could imagine that authors clever enough to start ignoring the zombies at some point can create a true classic out of these dead dudes. I think I will have a look at the comic books now, judging from Wikipedia they could be pretty good .
The Comic Books:
The tv show:

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