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We learn that “Troll 2” has nothing to do with “Troll” and that there are not even Trolls in it, but only goblins. And we learn that turning this terrible cinematic atrocity into a cult object does not necessarily work on command – and in particular that a very good sign of a movie being absolutely bonkers is that 25 years later the director still believes it was good. On occasion I will try to apply that rule to other films, but here the devotion of an obviously slightly retarded and massively failed director is only the last proof that something about “Troll 2” is and was absolutely wrong. And that is: just about everything. The documentary follows most actors (one the actresses … well, she is clearly off-track and does not want to go out because it could be … “complicated”), the director and plenty of fans they assemble for public screenings. The triumphs are counterbalanced by the devastating experiences they make at comic and horror conventions, where everybody is equipped with sufficient poor taste to distinguish rubbish worth watching from the unworthy. Dismissed by popular taste … Our hero (the former main actor and today’s everybody’s darling dentist living in some godforsaken place) is slightly put off, but recollects his good humour after abandoning the unpronounced but clearly omnipresent dream of a late movie career, if only in the occasional schlockfest…
Exec Summary: “Troll 2” is not a good movie, “Best worst movie” is not a terrific documentary (directed by one of the child actors playing in Troll 2, by the way), but this documentary with this subject matter make enough of an interesting ride through the more twisted side of moviemaking.,40399/

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