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Best Christmas Movies to be chosen for a long Christmas evening movie marathon? Took a bit of reflection, but the playlist for December 24 looks like this (suggestions welcome, there is still time):

Woodland Critter Christmas, South Park, Season 8 Episode 14 (Trey Parker 2004)
As I do not like the Christmas Specials involving Mr Hankey, the Christmas Poo, I was very grateful to discover that here, it is replaced with a bunch of diabolic wood creatures trying to breed the antichrist. The finale involving the mountain lion cups who just in time return from their internship in the abortion clinic is terrific, and brings the concept of “Happy Ending” to a new level (and everybody lived happily ever after, except… but I do not want to spoil).

Die Hard
Bruce Willis looks best barefoot and only in his undershirt, lying on the side and firing out of at least two handguns. John McClane does exactly that for the better part of this film, and has a worthy opponent in the Sheriff of Nottingham. Now he has a gun, hohoho! How do you write „yippieyaeyeah“?

Scrooged (Richard Donner 1998)
Bill Murray at his prime, a film written around his cool demeanour (“I am afraid I will have to kill you all”), a bunch of awesome ghosts (“A TOASTER!”) – and all that with a script that never betrays the Dickens tale. Heartwarming and terribly funny!

Robot Chicken Christmas Special
I am sometimes a fan of some scenes of the Robot Chicken episodes, so sometimes I watch and occasionally enjoy it. The Christmas Special is like that: 20 per cent hilarious, the rest to be understood as transition period. Just like life, right?

The Nightmare before Christmas (Henry Selick 1993)
If I was a teacher, I would have bloody hands from writing comments into Tim Burton’s assignment books along the lines of “Did not live up to its potential. Try Again!” But still: the puppets and the production design and the graveyard and … whatever has to do with looks is well kept in Burton’s hands.

The Muppet Christmas Carol (Brian Henson 1992)
you should not see this one too often, as it ages a bit in its humour. Michael Caine, Kermit and the Tiny Tim frog, however, perform for their lives, and wasn’t even the music bearable?

Honourable Mention / Backup List:

A Christmas Story (Bob Clark 1983)
I learned the other day that this has become something like the official Christmas film on US network tv. I had never heard of it, watched it yesterday and really liked it. Nice kid actors, good story with a bit a sugar coating that manages to stay under the puking level because of the good humour in action.

A Charlie Brown Christmas (Bill Melendez 1965)
Don’t we all have the Christmas blues now and again? Charlie Brown certainly does, but his friends help him through it and make his Christmas school play an uplifting and enlightening experience. However… Charlie Brown does not age well, I am afraid to say, and especially towards the end, the all-American Christmas grease drowns all humour that would have been able to save the damn thing. Even Snoopy is tame.

It’s a Wonderful Life (Frank Capra 1946)
It’s a must, isn’t it? Good to have as backup. Unfortunately… I have never seen it… will catch up this year, really!

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