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Comic or fantasy fans are an easy target for ridicule – and have frequently been abused to good cinematic purpose. Whether or not it is necessary to create a McGuffin like the one used here (one of them has terminal cancer…) to set off a trip to the holy land (Skywalker Ranch) to find the Holy Grail (a copy of the yet-to-be-released Star Wars Episode I movie… goodness, had they known…) is a futile question. That’s the way it is, and allows the three guys and one almost-like-a-guy girl to cross the country in a crappy Millennium Falcon van. Is it because the film seems to be made for 12-year-olds? It is lame. There is no edge to the humour, it is never offensive, never hard-hitting, always kind of compromising between the good guys at Skywalker Ranch and the odd little fellas at the Star Trek conventions. I can only imagine what the reason for this smoothened and explicitly breast-free interpretation of geekdom was: I suppose they could use the Lucas machinery only if they made it part of a terribly family friendly product. They did, but it is… terribly family friendly.

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