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I never finished watching the trilogy, as I was so incredibly bored by the confused and incoherent script of the second part that I just could not be bothered ever watching the third one. But now, some years on, the nights are long and cold, and why not give it a try and sit down with the whole trilogy again, plus a couple of beers to make the pseudo-philosophical gibberish more bearable… and indeed, the first film is still holding up, a good scifi action opera with good optical values, decent character outlines and cool sunglasses (even though I do not think Lawrence Fishburne was well advised to use his model… that looked like a mix between real sunglasses and double accountants’ monocles – and in a bad way). The second part is still a tad boring, but I remembered the religious / cult scenes in the underground city to be more lengthy than they actually are. Still terrible, but at least only a couple of rhythmic aboriginal dances. The thing is: the action gets long and repetitive. You can only be worried about so many sperm-looking robot thingies attacking the heroes’ ship. If that happens for the fourth time, and if it happens with 500 sperms instead of five, it does not really make a difference anymore. The grand finale with the drills digging through the city has actually a kind of charming low-tech aspect to it, it’s a bit like the village people holding on to dear life while the Glorious Seven are riding like hell to come for their rescue. I would not have been surprised to see a John Wayne matrix thing to gallop in.
Yet still: once all is over, you wonder what the point was, and when thinking back to it now (some weeks after I saw the films) it is hard to remember anything specific that is not in the first film. But the night was long and cold, so never mind…


  1. I just talked about re-watching these. I saw all of them but chose to ignore that the sequels were ever made…

    • indeed the world would be a better place without the sequels… as they exist anyway, they provide for some hours of mild entertainment – with the occasional very-bad-moviemaking moment to make you cringe

  2. and still: part 2 contains the best car chase ever!

  3. that’s probably true – even for me as a dedicated hater of car chase scenes in movies (and in real life…)

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