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Neil Marshall is one of these strange directors whom I would never take seriously, but usually does not fail to entertain me. I remember that I was one of the few people who liked his previous post-Apocalyptic, post-MadMax craze called “Doomsday”, the sheer level of ridiculousness made it worthwhile. Here we have another genre movie, but now no road warrior, but straightforward knights, or rather the fighters travelling with the knights on their crusade. They fight viciously, and they run after their foes – or from them mostly – as if there is no tomorrow. I have not seen such running since Atanarjuyat and Lord of the Rings, it is impressive and completely over the top, especially big blokes that they are…
The fight scenes look amazing, I have to say, especially the computer animated blood spattering all over the place in slow motion, that has some style. And the actors getting involved in all this are not of the typical C movie style: David Morissey? Michael Fassbender?? Adam West???
Oh and I was wondering whether the modern swear words were actually in use at the time… amongst Roman soldiers in particular. But guess what: they don’t give a damn, and neither did I watching. Just wondering…

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