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I do not comment on every tv show I see (or I would have to write a lot about the joys of “Breaking Bad”, “Dexter”, “The Wire”, “Entourage” or “Californication”, to name my regular fixes), but “Boardwalk Empire” is the rare “expected  triumph”: Martin Scorsese helps to develop a tv show about a city treasurer in Atlantic City, “Sopranoes”-famed Terence Winter writes it for HBO, Steve Buscemi is cast for the lead role, and the pilot was the most expensive in tv history. Often, the “what can go wrong” question is answered with “oh so many unexpected things”, leading to disappointments (“Caprica”) or at least shows that search for their center, if at a high level (“Treme”). “Boardwalk Empire” is just bliss: after a tentative look into the pilot and two more episodes on day one, I finished the remaining eight or nine episodes the next days – and exhaustedly cried for more. A magnificent prohibition-age portrait of crime without punishment and the inseparable link between mafia and government. Cannot wait for season 2!

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