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It was a wise choice to go into Tron: Legacy with profoundly low expectations. This way, the film had a chance to pleasantly surprise me – and it did! Once everybody has reached the Grid and the actual action starts, mostly nice surprises happen: first and foremost, Michael Sheen and Jeff Bridges are in there, and with those two masters, one completely bonkers, the other almost completely Zen, not much can go wrong. Also, some nice variations on the motorcycle races of the original Tron movie (one involving flying things that also leave these wall-tails behind), well-fitting leather catsuits for the programmed escorts, and more evidence that nobody really knows who Tron is and why he is in those movies.

Jolly entertaining, if not for the mushy sound design that makes many of the distorted computer voices hard to understand, and the 3D, which not only is not very impressive, but in a film that mostly plays in a dark blue night-ish environment takes away so much light that more often than not you have to make guesses about what’s on the screen.

Oh Yeah: and terrible dialogues…

NYT review and RottenTomatoes page.

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