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It’s interesting to see this film just after having seen “127 Hours” – while both share the situation of being stuck and requiring the protagonists to go at great lengths to wangle their way out of a tight spot, the contrast between great film-making by highly talented people and straightforward handicraft by not too talented people was probably never shown more clearly. While the situation our “heroes” find themselves in is quite useful to start a thriller from, the script authors do not really know what to make of it. They create some contrived twists to make sure our friends are stuck in that ski lift for long enough to be in mortal peril (has anybody ever heard of a ski lift shutting down for 5 days in the middle of winter season???). And when they have the kids where they need to be – stuck – the only way they can think of for getting rid of them has to do with a pack of wolves. Even if you follow them to believe that wolves are dangerous, you have three people, yet only for two of them the wolves turn out to be pretty dangerous? And you can freeze your limbs off and just carry on as if nothing happened? A little bit more effort into story development, and this could have been good. As it is… not very good.

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