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With the high number of high quality animation movies comes along a certain indifference, I realize. Ok, Megamind is nicely put together, and has some prominent voice cast, if anyone is interested in that. On that note: I could never understand why a prominent actor should be better at voicing animated characters than somebody who is completely unknown, but has voice skills. If it was up to me, no Jack Black or Brad Pitt or Tina Fey would be cast for that kind of film, that money could easily be saved and used on … screenplay! There is not too much of that I Megamind. A Superman setup turns into a Spiderman and Batman trouble situation, with not even too many cute creatures populating the scene (which was the game saver for Despicable Me). I just did not like the people in Megamind: the little camera guy prick, the annoying Metroman and the halfway evil Megamind… not a single original idea in something like 85 minutes is not a lot. It was not really boring – too many explosions and chase sequences for that – but it became non-existent five minutes after it was over.

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