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British mainstream arthouse raunchy working class cinema… whenever you have Bob Hoksins in  a working class movie, be careful, it might be less… again: edgy (I think I used the word in every single one of the last 10 film notes) than it could be. Just to note: great British film modern making to me means “This is England” or “Red Road”. “Made  in Dagenham” is not of that class. It is a true follower of “Full Monty” or “Kick it Like Beckham” in the British film world, or of “Les Choiristes” in the continental domain of well-made harmlessness.

This does not mean that the film was not entertaining. It is definitely worth watching, and if you are into solid English cleavages, it will provide more than you cared for (it is very warm in these Ford factory sowing halls, you know…). Even without knowing what actually happened in Dagenham and London in the late 1960s, you will not be surprised a single time by what happens in the film, you have a prototypical set of main characters and a more prototypical cast of side characters. It all fits together well, it all runs smoothly, and when you are having a prosecco after the screening with your girlfriends at the cinema bar (hopefully you are watching it in a cinema that still has a bar – hopefully you are watching it  in a cinema to begin with) you will all be in an uplifted mood. Maybe even plan the odd revolution for next Monday!


  1. I like the cast – Sally Hawkins is talented even if I did find her a tad annoying in Happy Go Lucky. Will get around to seeing this soon.

  2. oh yes, she is lovely as ever – and you mentioning Happy Go Lucky reminds me that I still have not seen “Another Year”… something to look forward to.

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