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I am not even sure whether the story does in any form resemble the original Rapunzel story, but what the hell: Rapunzel gets kidnapped by an old (actually: ancient) hag who needs the magic powers of Rapunzel’s hair to sustain her own youth. Locked away in a tower for almost 18 years, Rapunzel’s routine of talking to herself and to her pet chameleon is only interrupted once every year on her birthday by the spectacular sight of lights rising above the far city. She wants to see those lights from up close, and when the thief and crook Flynt escapes into the tower by accident and happens to free her, she gets a chance. As with most Disney animation movies, there is little not to like about Tangled (except Rapunzel maybe, who is a bit annoying): nice chameleon and horse-dog sidekicks, an actually fabulous scene in a run-down bar that almost costs Flynn’s neck and that involves a very cute old dude angel with bow and arrow as well as a pantomime and a hooked-handed pianist who has the boogie. Some scenes are laugh-out-loud funny, some surprisingly morbid (again, some of the characters in the pub). As with the Princess and the Frog before, I am not sure whether I will remember any of this a year from today, but as long as it lasts, it’s all jolly good fun.

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