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At 4:28 Jason Statham rids himself of his shirt for the first time… that is all there needs to be said about The Mechanic. The film has the courage to be humble about its running time, clocking in at 1:22, which is clever, as the script authors clearly did not have more material to squeeze out of the generic plot.  A solid bit of slightly ironic entertainment with a bulky Statham, some Asian girl for the average looks, a plot to turn the professional hitman against his own mentor (Donald Sutherland!), and some well-choreographed fights on the way towards the end of a 90-minute session well-spent. Dumb and noisy kinetic action. I do not know when Jason Statham really became an action  hero, but it seems he is one now.

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  1. haven’t you seen the “Transporter” movies? I guess they made him an action hero…

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