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This was a serious gap in my knowledge about the Oeuvre of Nicholas Cage… How do you find out whether somebody is the world’s worst actor? You team him with a terrible director and together task them to do a scene where the actor watches a funny programme on tv and laughs at it… There was a time when you could excuse cage for his role choices because he had a considerable set of good movies on his CV. That is not the case anymore, he has become one of the world’s most reliable actors in terms of camp performance, and all the late additions are just embarrassing. Actually the last film with him I liked may have been either the “National Secret” one or maybe even “The Rock” – and in both cases he is still a poor actor!

Now Ghost Rider… that is also a not very good film. Terribly messy and careless script, where people wait for other people in vain while these other people have not yet even been interrupted and hence do not have a reason for being late. And on a technical note: how can a skeleton talk when all the speaking equipment has been burned away? Why does Peter Fonda create some kind of superhero when all he wanted was somebody to save his contract thing? Why do metal spikes make a metal on metal sound when they come out of a leather thing??

I have now learned why sometimes it’s worth to add a non-talented girl with plenty of secondary sex organs. It worked the other day with Zoe S. in “The Losers” and now here it worked with Eva Mendes as well. They sooth the audience, that’s all. They can play as crappy as they want (and Ms Medes is trying hard), but you cannot blame a girl with that kind of lip-cleavage combination, can you?

That is not to say that I was not entertained. In between the very embarrassing situations, I was pretty much entertained. Reading on IMDB that there will be a sequel, however, made me shiver…


  1. I unfortunately had to place this in my ever-growing list of terrible Nicolas Cage movies. He seems to be making some terrible script choices over the last few years – and to say it wasn’t that long ago that he did Adaptation.

  2. I start believing that the “Adaptations” of his career are the exceptions. Unfortunately, “Ghost Rider” seems to be the rule…

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