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My double feature of questionable taste brought about some interesting results:

With “Takers” I stopped paying attention to the plot after some minutes: some people are police, some are not, and they all run around and shoot at each other. Mildly entertaining, but really… mildly… maybe it’s a good idea to do something else while watching, such as cooking or listening to some football matches.

Now “The Losers” is a different beast: for one thing, it has a real cool Jeffrey Dean Morgan with an open shirt and a six day stubble, pleasantly balanced by what is easily the hottest chick in Hollywood at the moment, the not very talented but gorgeous Zoe Saldana. Give those two a truck full of weapons, a container full of cash, and a suit full of villain (it can even be not very convincing, as Max is), and you have 90 minutes of entertainment. The sidekicks work fine, wither the sniper with the hat or the Poosh with the mouth. The downside was that the film seems to be a PG-12 cut or something, so there is an odd discrepancy between what the film builds up in terms of violence, language and sex – and what it actually executes. Family friendliness is not a good thing when it comes to kick-ass action movies. Next time I want to see the Saldana in NC-17 mode!

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