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Slate Spoiler Specials — This one has a great concept: The spoiler-filled podcast is only meant to be heard after you see the movie. It includes all the spoilers, remarks, etc. that would never fit in a review, and the commentary is insightful and might inspire one to watch the film a second time.

via Pop Podcast Primer: My top 10 film podcasts – Pop Candy: Unwrapping pop culture’s hip and hidden treasures.

I started listening to some of the podcasts, and I think that is a great addition to the general review shows and podcasts, that are usually confined by their efforts not to spoil. This (as the Filmspotting Spoiler editions, which are also great) is for grown-up people who have seen the movie. The full-frontal nudity version of film reviews, well hosted, sometimes with interesting guests (after my first testing, the guests  might be the weak point sometimes).

Oddly, the podcast does not seem to have a homepage on, but you have to go to the regular reviews and then see whether they offer one on the film you are interested in. Or do they do a spoiler podcast on each movie they review? Will find out…

In any case, you can subscribe to the spoilercasts here directly.

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