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This was the most boring film I have seen in quite a while. There is an alien invasion of the Earth, and we have some Marines running around frantically to complete a mission that is rather irrelevant, to be honest??? After 800 minutes of shooting and shouting and dying of the minor characters, the film is over and I had no idea why I was supposed to be feeling any form of excitement about it. It sucks as a marine-combat action movie, and it sucks as an independence day and war of the worlds rip-off. The only redeemable feature would have been Aaron Eckharts man-crushingly handsome face, but as it’s mostly hidden under helmet and dirt, no points for that, either –  you cannot distinguish the characters amidst all that mayhem. And why do alien war machines scream like injured dogs when being damaged??? Is that not a very dumb feature for a combat robot? Talk to your interstellar war equipment customer complaints hotline.

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