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I saw that film three weeks ago, and now I can hardly remember anything but the plot outline I read before watching it: father and daughter go into house in the forest, father goes upstairs to check out the noises. Bad stuff happens. I guess that is not necessarily a bad thing, but as the film sports a “surprise twist” at the end, it is not a good sign that I have to think about it so hard to remember what that was. Ah, see, now I remember, and the film would have been exactly as good or not good without that end (as most films with final twists). No doubt La Casa Muda is interesting for the family of horror and haunted house aficionados who enjoy their occasional Paranormal Activity or [Rec] spectacle for the goosebumps. Also it has some interesting technical approaches to it (it pretends to be filmed in one take with a small HD cam), and as it will be one of very few Uruguayan movies you will see this year (decade, life…).

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