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It starts off as a very conventional thriller: a couple of young and pretty people, a boat, the sun shining, one slightly deranged character… things happen and things get weird in a … let’s say … Jakob’s Ladder kind of way, one would think. Well, I thought so, anyway, and allowed myself to be a bit disappointed at how obvious the development looked. This actually did keep me from appreciating the strange setting as it was, with a creepy thunderstorm and an even creepier large cruise ship. If you are still willing to bear with the story after this premise has been established, and can ignore your strong expectations about the film finale for a while, you are rewarded with surprising developments, well-scripted plot loops and some good thrills. As there is a repetitive cycle to be endured, timing is crucial, as these things tend to get boring quickly. At least for me it just had the right length and rhythm so that when I almost started to get bored, I was in for real surprises …  a bunch of girls lying on the upper deck, a bunch of pigeons next to the road, when you get to those you should have decided whether you are happy about the way the film mislead you … I was in for it, even though occasionally interrupted by the more rational considerations that they managed to introduce yet another loop on the way to my expected finale.

When we see the main character towards the end in a situation like the one at the beginning, and we now understand her distraught face and her hesitation in answering on the wehereabouts of her son… then the movie is actually pretty damn well done. It cannot fully repair the flaws on the way, but at least  in retrospect it is a success.

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