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There is a flood of high-paced animated movies these days, some better, some worse – and this one is a bit better than the rest, as it has two charming protagonists (two blue birds of unknown biological provenience), hilarious support cast (little flurry round birds that bounce around once relieved from their cages, or samba-proficient fat birds or little tweetybirds with beer cap hard hats) and a good villain (a cockatoo with bad character). The blue birds have to mate to save their kind, but first they have to survive and escape, and that is reason enough for entertaining speed racing through the tropical forest around and the narrow streets in the middle of Rio de Janeiro. And of course the big carnival parades cannot be avoided. Very colourful, high-aced and cute, and nice music, too. What else is to be desired? (As for the voice cast: The facebook boy is cute, but the star is somebody called, hilarious!)

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