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If the film had been as good as the animated opening sequence, this would have been a decent film. As it is, it is a not very good film… it did have the most ridiculous trailer, and what the trailer promised, the film kept. Pseudo-religious boulderdash, ancient battles, dum dum bullets against over-used cgi vampires, Blade Runner city scenes, the official Priest Mobile, a bit more desert-proof than Batman’s original but clearly from the same garage. Roland the Gunslinger as head vampire and Maggie Q as the alibi girl priest (nun?) … there are so many worn out clichés in this film that it is not even fun anymore, but just annoying to watch how little creativity went into this. Paul Betanny is getting a bit more meaty and has developed a six-pack during his time as a priest novice.

This League of Extraordinary Ordinariness hopefully does not earn itself a sequel, even though the script writers seems to urge the producers to do one. Clearly, whoever wrote this has no other options…

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