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Hands down one of the great horror movie classics. One of the greatest films by one of the greatest horror directors, The Thing takes the already interesting 1951 Howard Hawks films and turns it into the most claustrophobic and dense scenario: a bunch of people  locked up in an Antarctica research station, an outside predator intruding, distrust flaming up, killings begin. The opening shot where a helicopter chases a sled dog through the snow desert are stunning, Carpenter’s typical soundtrack beat insinuating doom. The dog roaming through the station reminds me of the tricycle scenes in The Shining. Kurt Russell is the coolest man on the planet, and when he drowns his chess computer in J&B and calls her a cheating bitch it is just what she deserves. The re-animation scene that scared the hell out of me when I watched it for the first time as a kid so long ago, and it superbly effective every time (the head! the spider legs!!). Scene after scene, this has become a classic, with the testing of the blood for infection maybe the masterpiece even within Carpenter’s oeuvre in terms of suspense. What can I say…? Oh some things I can say:

1)      Watching this again was inspired by Filmspotting’s Top 5 monster movie list, some great picks there:

2)      I know they are apparently remaking this, and it already being a remake, I guess complaints are futile. Still: teenage researcher? Who has the grit today to make this film the way it needs to be? Good luck with it…  and trailer



  1. The Thing works so well as a horror film because it has scary-as-hell visuals, a very tense and creepy feel, and a big mystery to the whole plot as you don’t know who’s infected and who isn’t. John Carpenter really hit the jackpot on this one, too bad it didn’t do so well back then. I wonder if the prequel will be any better. Good Review!

  2. Totally agree. This is one of my favourite horror/science-fiction films. Despite some great films from John Carpenter this one is the best. Here’s my top 10 John Carpenter films:

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