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Very low budget meet low expectations, which makes this a rather enjoyable experience. Plenty of Vampire-Zombie-Thingies have taken over the earth, and people have to get through it in order to reach a safe haven. Sounds familiar? Oh so very much, what can you do? Except for some ridiculous montage sequences where the junior hero gets Karate Kid-like lessons in anti-vampire-stake-handling, “Stake Land” keeps you plenty amused with a steady (a tad monotonous) rhythm of attacks, road trip, attack, and road trip again. “28 days” knows much better how to handle this situation, and so does that Zombie tv show that I found to be pretty  good last year on Showtime or HBO. But as you cannot permanently re-watch these, and in-between “Stake Land” provides for some amusement. When I first heard the title, I took it to be “Steak Land” and that would have been an even better movie …

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