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Coen Brothers, Western, Jeff Bridges? What can go wrong? Nothing, really: True Grit is the way you would expect  it to be after learning the setup. While I wrote just some minutes ago that “The Way Back” suffers from being perfectly predictable and without interesting surprises, “True Grit” is perfectly predictable, without interesting surprises, but in a great and entertaining way. My conclusion is that it’s all about the characters populating this dirty borderland between the dangerous and chaotic settled land and the even more dangerous and completely uncharted Indian territories. Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon and Josh Brolin and even the annoying girl, plus all those wrecked adventurers they meet on their way, either as a gang of thieves, or as suppliers in their road house… they are all unconventional in the way that is enjoyable to see. Seeing this right after watching all of the brilliant “Deadwood” show more or less in one go, I now must put on my hat, saddle the horse and ride out into the dusty hills, all the while spitting and cursing like a sailor about them f*&%ing co&%suckers. Ahh, what bliss! Al, we miss you!

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