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A group of prisoners escaping from a Siberian Gulag is kind of a safe bet for a film: you have plenty of landscape, perilous situations, probably crossing rivers and being chased by dogs, you have vast landscapes and beautiful panorama shots of mountain ranges and of deserts. All that is here, including Ed Harris, who starts developing an interesting old-man’s face. Thing is, that beyond these aspects that you know will be there, there are not many surprises to be had in this film. Maybe it was not the best of choices to open the film with a text insert telling the audience how many of the escapees will make it all the way from Siberia to India. Maybe it was also not too good of an idea to stick relatively close to the truth of the “real story”, as real life usually does not provide great story arcs. In the end, “The Way Back” is worth watching, if only for the actors and the landscapes and the dirty costumes. Despite this solidness, it left with me a slight feeling of indifference.

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