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This is a very weird and fun film. An alien invasion of the slightly different kind falls down on South London in the form of giant porcupine-like beasts that rain down in fireballs and start eating people. Or they would, if they did not meet with the local street gangs, who  do not even blink with an eye before offing the creature and pulling the ex-alien, now local corpse through their hood, into the giant weed rooms of the apartment block that is their world, and show it off for hope of reputation and maybe some dope (I kept waiting for one of them to pull the obvious Will Smith quote “That’s what I call a close encounter!”). Moses and his gang of bonanza bike riders on one side, Hi-Hatz the dealer-DJ for some reason  obscure to me on the other, and all mostly somehow against an increasing number of creatures with greenishly illuminated glass teeth. It plays out funny not just because these dudes are ridiculous when you just observe them being themselves (not so much when you meet them at night on the streets, I understand), but also because the script allows them some nice cinema verite injections with the kids frequently checking in with their moms or taking out the dog.

This is not a big budget blockbuster, but a cute little English oddity that mixes monster movie and local flavour.

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