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What a blast! Best angry troll documentary ever! Well, mock documentary, and not about trolls, but about some Norwegian film students trying to get a scoop on a supposed poacher in the Norwegian woods. Turns out it is a troll gamekeeper, who hates the loneliness of his job, the bad pay and lack of overtime, and who is really pissed whenever an angry one-armed troll bashes him about (“I sometimes really hate being here”). Among the greatest bits are the Norwegian government’s efforts to cover up the whole embarrassing troll thing: bear carcasses imported from Russia (or Croatia , when delivery gets it wrong), fake bear footprint appliances that get left and right foot wrong, to the astonishment of the local media. The heroes, of course, are the trolls. No wonder they are so mean spirited, they are all ugly as can be, and have too many heads, not enough arms, or too long noses to be terribly angry about. There are in ill humour when people flash UV light at them, and either petrify on the spot or explode with spectacular gore.


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  1. I heard about this one. It sounds like a lot of fun. Will have to check it out. Reminds me a bit of a straight-to-video film about Yetis I once saw…can’t remember the name…it might have been Snowbeast.

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