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If you are a sucker for movies and movie business (and if you are not, why would you write or even read movie blogs??), then this film is greatly amusing. Not because it would reveal anything that you had not heard of before, but because it provides a first-hand example of the anarchic and creative ways you have to apply in order to get your films financed. Product placement is one way of doing that, and unless you are in bed with one of the big agencies who have their multi-billion dollar brand names lined up, you have to do serious cold calling, walking, presenting, and pitching.

Morgan Spurlock has it easier than the average film maker: he is a brand of his own, having killed the McDonalds Super-Size menus single-handedly with his documentary self-poisoning experiment that got his doctor almost to tears some years back. Now he can ensure his potential partners in placing their products that firstly the film will be seen by quite a bunch of people, and secondly that he has the good humour to place all products in the center of his film. Shampoo that goes for ponies and people alike, pomegranate juice in vertical-boobs bottles, gas stations that look oddly like fast food franchises are just examples for what he gets: not the big names, but plenty of small ones.

The film shows how he approaches them, what he promises, how he keeps it, and is a good laugh in these parts. It is not as interesting in trying to convey the background and Hollywood perspectives, the interviews with JJ Abrams or whatever the director of the Jacky Chan car chase movies is fall a bit flat. But of course – did he expect them to say “when Pepsi came in, we changed the lead character from casual alcoholic to pimple-plagued teenager with a soda preference”? And Spurlock realizes this, so he keeps it at the necessary minimum to be able to use the talking heads of his celebrities for poster advertising…

All in all a not too provoking, but perfectly entertaining insight into some not too glamorous bit of the movie industry, with some sneaky hits against the mostly appalling world of advertising and marketing. And he is so lucky to have the Mini Coopers instead of the shitty Volkswagens!

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