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I did not like the first “Cars” film too much, and I don’t like the second one too much, either – oddly enough, these films seem to be out to compile all the movie motives I really do not care for. James Bond-like gadgets and plots, shiny cars of all sizes and forms, car chases and races, the supposedly charming nature of simple-minded mid-westerners. No, not my piece of cake, even though Mater, the tow truck was a likeable enough character in the first film. With too much screen time here and too many twisted plot convolutions, this all does not work too well in the sequel. Characters like the Italian race car pop up and disappear, the love interest from the first film virtually disappears, the friendship and trust plot is a fragment at best. It seems messy, and it feels messy. After redoing  the Toy Story in 3D for 3D’s sake, after the underwhelming Toy Story 3, this is yet another rather disappointing piece of Pixar. Have they finally run out of steam?

my old “Cars” comments:

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