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This film comes with high praise from the reviews – and that praise is not really justified. Yes, having those kids is a memory of films like Stand by Me, or also the Goonies – but while those (Stand by Me in particular) lived off the charm of regular kids with regular interests experiencing a regular adventure, “Super 8” wants to deliver a super-alien super-adventure. The result is an odd mix of Godzilla, that other rather boring Abrams monster-movie, E.T. and many other motives from the history books of juvenile movie making. The early parts of the film are quite fun to watch, actually, with nice relations between the kids, and even interesting conflicts within their families (again, the reference is the all-time brilliant Stand by Me) – these plot lines get dropped as soon as that generic monster comes to town, though. Then it is all loud and explosion and monster  screams and people’s screams and running and shouting. And a rather rushed way of getting rid of the threat. Hm… it seems that I still have to wait for the first Abrams movie that I really and unconditionally enjoy.

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