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I saw that film 9 years ago when it was in the theatres, I remember thinking back then “hah, I did not know that the guy could pull that off”, meaning Eminem being a true pop star, but with a credible acting performance, working his life into a script of hip hop battles, economic despair, and desperate search for love and affection. I have since learned a lot about Eminem and in particular about the life he led during the making of the film, and triggered by the intensive (basically 40 valium and plenty of other stuff per day) and it adds to the enjoyment that the life depicted in the movie is so close to the life as it happens to the man behind Eminem himself, and his friends and family. Soundtrack is, of course, fascinating, even though the stark format of the rap battle sequences does not allow for big musical tapestries. It is all pretty no frills, and that is what makes to movie great: it stays close to creating a realistic representation of a rather dreadful part of society, but it adds enough joy and positive emotions to make the audience understand why it is that these people call it home (and some of them – like Eminem himself – never consider leaving).

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