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One of my old VHS Stephen King collection that I have probably seen 35 times, but never in English, and never without the VHS tape scratches and the whining sound that comes from an exhausted tape. I really liked the simplicity of the book when I read it, and the movie is even more simple: dog gets the rabies (minus the slightly paranormal influences the book features) and starts attacking the people around him (again, minus the voices in his head and the subjective perspective of the book, which I guess is the better idea for a movie). Through some simple plot contrivances, a woman and her son get stuck in a car on a godforsaken yard where Cujo rules  now that he eliminated all the human tenants of the farm, and Cujo is suffering from infection and decay. His demise is reflected in his more and more gory fur and nozzle, he is salivating and bleeding, and he is terribly annoyed at all the sounds the humans make. I can understand he has had enough, and not without sympathy did I watch his rampage. A little like a canine version of Michael Daouglas’ “Falling Down”maybe, minus gun, plus teeth.

Awesome simple terror cinema, with appropriate acting and what King later described to be an accidentally sincere ending… Of course I am blinded by nostalgia, but still!




  1. I have not seen this in years. Probably since I had a vcr. I am also shocked and amazed that you still have a working vcr :-). I might have to give this another look see since its probably been twenty years since I have seen this.

  2. fortunately this time I could see it in a pretty clear DVD version… which is not to say that I do not have the vcr anymore… as somebody moving too often, I do not expect that thing and the remaining 25 indispensable tapes (I am sure one has Escape from New York on it!) to survive much longer, though… and as for Cujo: I think anybody who did not love it back then cannot love it today, it is not good enough a film. But if your love for the film and for the dog hit you in those vulnerable teenage years, it is immortal 🙂
    thanks for the comment!

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