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The script author does not understand a thing about horror movies – if the plot is a sequence of unavoidable deaths, and if you know from the beginning that there is no mystery, but just some ghost… then where’s the thrill? I kept wondering whether the film lures you towards some kind of plot twist, I thought it cannot possibly be that simple and straightforward, really? Can it? It could … The story is dumb as it is, anyway, apparently contrived by an elderly person in a writing room who got very exciting about this new internet thing, and shouting “hey, we need to do something with that internet, maybe ghosts coming out of it because of information overflow and stuff, and then it’s the end of the world and you know, zombie things? “ – “yeah, cool, can we have a blond chick in it with big breasts?” – “blond, yeah, but we need to have it PG rated”… and on it went, and out came a joke of a movie. Embarrassingly bad in every single respect. In case you are wondering: too much communication kills us by inviting the ghosts from beyond the broadband…

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