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This may be the perfect combination of the notoriously under-appreciated genres “teenager comedy” and “ superhero movie”. If you in general do not appreciate either – then this is the movie for you. The superheroes are everything but super, Kick-Ass himself is in puberty, not very good at fighting, and has the most embarrassing costume since Spiderman’s early wrestling costume, only more ugly snot-green colour. He is mostly canon fodder for muggers and carjackers, and he gets plenty of hits and kicks in the course of the movie’s 100something minutes. This contrasts with Hit Girl, the cute and quick and vicious and foul-mouthed little fighter who shocks her father almost into cardiac arrest when she asks for a Barbie doll for her birthday – only joking, of course it is a nice set of butterfly knives she really craves… Nicholas Cage’s only good part in the 21st century, I think, especially because he firstly does not have too much to do, and is mostly merely  a stage on which Hit Girl can play her brilliant performance, and secondly because he plays a nerdy superhero-wannabe anyway, which sort of suits the range of campy abilities  Cage has available.

The action is terrific, the violence comic-like appropriately over the top and choreographed in a mix of Batman-Sin-City-John-Woo fashion. And in the end he alomstg gets the high school hot chick. Almost. There is hope for a part 2, to which I would look forward.


  1. I was devastatingly disappointed by Kick Ass. So much hype but the film failed to live up to it in my eyes. The market is so saturated in superhero films that even the ones purporting to be serious additions to the genre look like parodies. Therefore the parodies seem dated before the credits have finished rolling.

  2. yes, the hype was hard to endure, and in retrospect I wonder which of the critics would stand by their early praise. However, as I do in general dislike comic movie adaptations and most superhero films (even though I look forward to almost every single one of them – they mostly just turn out to be no good), my personal expectations were not too high. And from that perspective, I found Kick-Ass to be a perfectly entertaining way to spend two hours.

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