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This is clearly the most misconceived film of the decade so far. How can you possibly call a film “cowboys and aliens” and then just play it straight without the slightest bit of humour, no twinkle in the eye, no tongue-in-cheek? This film should have been Men in Black, but all it is is … I don’t even know. It is excessively unoriginal, to the point of even being over the top violent when the battle between the cowboys and Indians on the one side and the alien District 9 clones on the other gets underway. So it’s not even wittily straight, it is just dumb straight. And you have these two great actors in the center, Daniel Craig with probably the most superhero body of any living good actor, and Harrison Ford who looks all the grumpy and dangerous old man he is supposed to play. But then, no tension at all between those, all you get is altogether 20 minutes of Craig’s naked chest, plus some Miss Wet T-Shirt Wild West broad the purpose of which I cannot remember (and who has the most undramatic exit from the movie ever…). When the final credits rolled I kept waiting, and waiting, clearly they cannot possibly mean this pointless and camp ending, they cannot possibly play it serious, this lone rider off into the sunset, with the crane shot rising above the western town… they do, it is pathetic.
I have no idea how anybody at any meeting could have thought that this could be a good idea.

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