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Almodovar has never been alien to sexual possessiveness and obsession. It seems a lot of his sexual motifs had to converge towards a crazy scientist movie – and here it is. Frankenstein rises, and after two hours I even realized he looks like an aged and slim Antonio Banderas, because it’s him – seems I have not seen him in a long time.

He holds captive a beautiful creature that he seeks to bring to bodily perfection, albeit against her will. Over the course of the film we learn about this person’s past, about the doctor’s past, his family’s past, the misunderstandings that made him make erroneous choices, and we start expecting that all this is not poised to end very well for most characters in this movie. It does not, but maybe there is a happy ending, and everybody but those dead will live happily ever after. Not in the way they originally planned, but with slightly adjusted life patterns.

Great acting, fabulous production design, especially in the design of the doctor’s residence / prison, plenty of  fine cars and fine clothing, and an atmosphere of impending family doom make this another one of Almodovar’s great achievements. In its horror movie ambitions, it is even a bit lighter to consume that previous works, but there is darkness all around, so it is not entertainment of the lighter note.

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