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Despite the average American white male believing otherwise, baseball is an exotic niche sports to most of the world’s population. Easy enough to be understood, making a movie about it or before the background of it is bold, as sports movies have a hard time with the best of sports – even more so with a sports where 70 per cent of the time is spent on spitting and grabbing your own crotch.

Of course, “Moneyball” comes from a different direction, one where it does not really matter what sport is at the center of the action. The important ingredients are: it is a traditional sport that will show plenty of resentment against introducing innovation in management, and it needs to be a sport with high commercial stakes. Then it works: the introduction of a new general manager, who brings in ideas about selecting players based on sound statistical analysis rather than the gut feeling of some scouts, the massive risks taken by hiring problem payers, underdogs, ageing stars or anybody else where affordability meets expectation value in the field – all that makes a bold management thriller rather than a sports movie. It is safe to assume that Aaron Sorkin saved the day by proving (mainly through “The Social Network”) that a topic completely irrelevant to most audiences can be turned into an atmospheric portrait of men fighting adversity.  Well done again, and well done Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill for staying upright at the center of this.

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  1. Nice Review, I too enjoyed this film. I sort of wish that their were a few less scenes of Pitt driving around in his truck but other than that I thought it was well done. It’s a baseball movie for people that don’t care about baseball.

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