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Kristen Wiig. Enough said, she is the only reliable comedian in the Saturday Night system at the moment, and as this the only perspective for a Tina Fey follower. Is there any other fearless female comedian out there? I don’t know one, really, and it seems that unless you have gone through the SNL boot camp, you shrink away. She is here to stay, even though the number of facial expressions she has is still limited. Never mind, she is hilarious as the loser maid of honour who messes up every single element of wedding preparation for her best friend – by bringing down the plane that was supposed to take them to their Vegas bachelorette night, by making everybody crap their gowns, and street, and sink. By just not accepting that the bride is now grown up and enjoys fancy France trips more than hanging out with the girls in the backyard pub. Or does she? Nice additional note by her relationship to police officer Rhodes, who brings an English touch of sophistication and principles – which does not make both their lives easier of course.

Certainly among the best comedies of the last years, which is not to say much, but thoroughly funny, and yet another bit of evidence that women preparing weddings need to be put in protective custody and only released after the wedding is over. Just kidding. A bit.

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