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Not a masterpiece, but a nice bit of entertaining with a great acting trio at the center. It has some very nice elements that make it terribly entertaining, at times even hilarious. One is Harrison Ford: a seasoned political journalist forced into the purgatory of moderating breakfast tv, disgruntled by this but unable to escape the allure of good tv money… that sounds a bit like Harrison Ford, seasoned actor of character drama, pushed into the pit of romantic comedy… and that has its moments. While he is predictably grumpy during most of the film, he has some glorious outbursts: a nice introductory speech where he gives his impressive CV: “I have cooled Mother Theresa’s feverish forehead with a wet tissue. I have been shot at in Bosnia. I have had dinner with Dick Cheney!” (or similar, could not find the quote right now). And in the grand finale, he brings down the house with a very awkward impro cooking show, and all is in tears… Rachel McAdams, who I did not know before, is cute  as the overwhelmed but determined producer, and Diane Keaton is really great as Harrison Ford’s co-host, engaging in a match of the elderly about screen supremacy (“who gets to say ‘Good Bye’?”) .

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  1. I liked this one also. Rachel McAdams is a likable actress and she can play both drama and comedy which shows her diversity. Morning Glory isn’t a great film but it is worth seeing, especially for the three leads.

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