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The wet dream of the Scottish Tourism association: Ever other decade, it is perfectly possible to watch Braveheart again. Of course Sophie Marceau and the clichés about giggling French Mademoiselles are still annoying. Of course Mel Gibson’s hair does not look more fashionable with increasing distance. Of course some of the Scottish accents are really more off than they should be. And what struck me this time: these Highlanders had a hell of a good dental plan, look at these armies of white straight teeth!

But what the hell: longswords, kilts, evil kings and too many of them, treason, friendship, eternal love, decapitation of the hero, full frontal warrior nudity, arrows in the provocative butt cheeks, Robert the Spineless Bruce, Brendan Gleeson, Prince’s Lovers Taking A Fall from Grace and Great Height, freeeeeedoooom – what else do you want between “Game of Thrones” seasons?  I kept looking for Ser Gregor Clegane in the midst of battle, but seems he was busy on other grounds shedding enemy blood. The pretty good BlueRay transfer makes me long to go back to the land of glens and bens again.

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