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It is an appropriate reverence, to look back on Pina Bausch through her works. Wim Wenders knew and liked her work for many years, and they apparently wanted to collaborate for a long time. Because of Pina Bausch’s death, the form of the film had to change from something we do not really know, because it was never thoroughly developed, to what we now see: a revue of Bausch’s most famous choreographies, replicated to make for most beautiful camera capture. It looks gorgeous, even though I do not understand what the 3D would add to it. Being a technical layman, I can also only guess that the 3D is not done in the most professional way.

Does this make a great movie? Not at all, it is in its best moments (such as the Café Europa scenes) as good as sitting in the theatre and watching a live performance. A bit better, because you do not hear as much breathing and cracking of bones as you do in modern dance performances on stage. The more cinematic elements (i.e. the outdoor shootings) are actually rather distracting.

The dancing is just the way it is – spectacular and innovative. The film allows you to see it. It is as simple as that.

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