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It is about a horse that goes to war. If you have seen any film in your life, you will know exactly what this film will look like, what the storyline is, and how it will end. The episodic nature of the film is almost the best aspect about it, because it promises to get away from the expected by cutting off the bonds established in each part. It cuts many of these bonds, and quite violently, actually, but when towards the end I realized that in one crucial way, the film will go soft on the audience and offer closure, I got even a little angry. A film about the war that left the world in shambles both morally and economically cannot end on such a light note, or nothing has been learned about the cruelty of war. Of course War Horse is a comic movie in the wider sense of the term, it does not allow to be judged by the standards of real life. But: then nothing is left that lifts this film above any Bollywood happy ending movie. Devastatingly unoriginal… 

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