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There are films that I can watch almost any time, in any mood, and that surprise me with new perspectives and details. There are not many, maybe seven altogether? In any case, “Seven” is such a film. The gloomy atmosphere, the perennial rain, the brooding Detective played by Morgan Freeman, the clearly temper challenged young guy with a past that Brad Pitt makes come alive. To position Kevin Spacey such late in the film, give him only a couple of minutes screen time, but make him the intellectual opponent to Freeman’s Detective with a brain.

This time I paid more attention than usual to the opening credits, a little masterpiece of its own, and realized for the first time that he is already working with texts that have to do with pregnancy. What? When? More puzzles to be solved… and I look forward to watching it again soon!  I don’t think Fincher ever made such a coherent and dense film again.

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