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I am sure this film is perceived in a very different way depending on whether you have seen the original Swedish films and / or read the books. I have seen the films, not read the books, and I was wondering what Fincher would bring to the screen that was not there before (especially the first Swedish film is really excellent). Not much, actually. The actors are almost all less interesting and edgy than in the Swedish version, the story is laid out not half as clearly. The Swedish movie is one of high suspense and tension, the Fincher one is basically an effort in style over substance. That style is great, no doubt, as is common with Fincher films. One very poor choice is to ask the native English speakers to speak with supposedly Swedish accents, what sense is that supposed to make?? It is actually borderline ridiculous, and is indicator of all the problems of a film that needs to be very specifically positioned in the market to find any audience, but that at its heart does realize that it does not know why it exists. The Trent Reznor / Atticus Ross soundtrack is another example: it is excellent, but is also an over-stylized, abstract approach. Too much abstraction for a very concrete story usually is an indicator that this story has been processed too often already, and yet another way to tell it is sought. I think what they are trying to do is add layers and variations to the story in order not to bore those who are familiar with the plot from reading the books. That means as a stand-alone product, the film is way too abstract to make any sense. As part of the Millenium universe, it does not add too many interesting aspects. While it is possible to enjoy this approach on an intellectual level, I think nobody would have missed this film had it not been made…

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