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Seems it is the day to slack off the Rotten Tomatoes 97 plus per cent films. “The Artist” is of course overrated, it is a nice enough effort in style, using a regular love story, without fear of hurting or exciting anybody for the running time. It is, as was said somewhere else, one of these movies that people who have fallen out of the habit of going to the movies tend to love. Just like “Les Choiristes” or “King’s Speech”, they manage their way into the heart of the unspoiled … meaning those who have not seen the same love story up and down the alley 300 times and more. Who are fascinated by the use of an “unconventional” film style (b/w and silent, in this case), without realizing that every year there are more interesting films that use this form of storytelling, and who fail to acknowledge the movies that were made when silent films where at their artistic peak.

So the only thing surprising about “The Artist” how successful it was to establish itself as everybody’s darling – it is certainly a nice enough bit of entertainment, but nothing more than that. A tad boring at times maybe…

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