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That was really entertaining! Technically it’s a mess, of course: I am sure the script authors had a blast coming up with completely contrived reasons to move the action from A (forgot) to B (Moscow) to C (Dubai). The product placement managers pulled all stops to the point of annoying the audience (“oh no, another BMW in the film – I wonder what decisive plot point they have invented for that car to save the world!”). The humour is clumsy at best (the message does not self-destruct, so you hit the metal box to help…). But then the helicopter shot races across the desert, passing hordes of camels – or Tom Cruise jumps down the glass façade of the 120 floor skyscraper. Maybe the biggest impression: the apparently just cleaned and repainted Kremlin , all shiny on the crystal clear IMAX screen… never mind all the talk about digital projection, 3D etc.: a 70mm IMAX movie is more impressive done by somebody who understands cinematic imagery is pretty mind- and eye-blowing. You can almost forget the weak script construction that is an uninspired rip-off of everything James Bond has ever done. Whenever there is a trace of boredom, Simon Pegg comes in with a funny intervention, or that terribly pretty girl with the nice green dress walks across the scene – and all is good!

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